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The Australian national publicly subsidized: LISTING OF DRUGS FOR PAYMENT BY THE NATIONAL PBS(9)


The committee consists of a pharmacist from the department, six medical practitioners and a pharmacist appointed by the Minister. Other members may also be appointed. The committee meets four times a year. In making listing recommendations, the committee considers the sponsor’s submission, the report from the PES, the advice from ESC, the sponsor’s response to PEC report and any other relevant information, such as submissions from medical bodies, health professionals, private individuals and interest groups . The committee may seek expert opinion from relevant specialists or professional bodies . At the direction of the Minister of Health, the committee takes into account the community need or benefit . Other factors that may be considered are availability of other treatment, equity issues, potential hardship and vulnerability of the community. The committee does not have a stated threshold for making recommendations according to incremental cost effectiveness ratios. levitra super active plus

The committee has the option of recommending approval at the requested price or at a different price, deferring the application while obtaining more information or rejecting it. Recommendations are final, but the company may reapply or attempt to negotiate the price separately with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority (PBPA). The committee may also remove drugs that have previously been listed . The committee must function within the secrecy provisions in the National Health Act (National Health Act 1953 Sect 98E-Secrecy), such that documents and evidence presented to the tribunal are treated as confidential. However, policy issues are open to debate.

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