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The Australian national publicly subsidized: LISTING OF DRUGS FOR PAYMENT BY THE NATIONAL PBS(6)

Over 300 submissions for listing (200 with economic evaluations) have been considered by the PBAC since the first edition was published.

After consultation with industry, the second edition of the Guidelines was published in November 1995. The major focus of the revision was to provide further information about how to substantiate claims of cost effectiveness, particularly concerning the quality of clinical trial data needed to determine relative effectiveness. The Guidelines set out a hierarchy of evidence and pharmacoeconomic methods, describe the criteria for choosing the appropriate comparator, use a standard reference source for costs, require discounting and suggest that the studies need to be specific to Australia or that multicentre data have to be translated to the Australian setting. Criteria that may be used for recommending new drugs for listing are as follows. buy ampicillin

“a) It is needed for the prevention or treatment of significant medical conditions not already covered, or inadequately covered by drugs in the existing list and is of acceptable cost-effectiveness b) it is more effective, less toxic (or both) than a drug already listed for the same indications and is of acceptable cost-effectiveness. Or c) it is at least as effective and safe as a drug already listed for the same indications and is of similar or better cost-effectiveness”.

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