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The Australian national publicly subsidized: LISTING OF DRUGS FOR PAYMENT BY THE NATIONAL PBS(10)

Role of the Minister and Cabinet

The recommendations ofthe PBAC are provided to the Minister and then to parliament and to the Pricing Authority. The Minister cannot list a drug if the committee does not recommend listing but may alter terms of listing. If the decision is likely to result in an expenditure of greater than $10 million in the first year, the decision must be endorsed by Cabinet. Rarely, Cabinet may decide not to list a product that has been recommended for listing on the grounds that the anticipated total expenditure is too large or that the particular therapy is the responsibility of another authority, such as the state. buy prednisone


The PBPA receives advice from PBAC as to whether the new drug is equivalent to or has advantages over the existing therapy and the price or price range at which the drug is likely to be cost effective. It negotiates the final price with the manufacturers and is the last step before listing on the PBS. The PBPA meets four to six weeks after the PBAC. It does not control prices for nonprescription drugs or for drugs that do not receive benefit status on the PBS. It negotiates prices for generic drugs, generally without reference to PBAC. Prices are reviewed every six months by this body. Costs are approximately 60% to 80% of European costs .

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