Teens and birth control pills

Teens and birth control pillsForm year to year the number of teenagers who start sexual life before the graduating in only growing. As for today, there are about 65 percent of high school seniors who lead active sexual life. When a teenager gets older, the most delicate theme becomes critical. The most aggrieving point here is the percentage of all sexually transmitted diseases that teenagers get due to lack of information. For example, young teenaged ladies, taking birth control pills, are sure that the medication will protect them not only from unplanned pregnancy, but from all the diseases. It is a very widely spread among young people delusion that results in suffering from various STDs. The saddest thing is that young women don’t even suspect that they have a disease.
Indeed, nowadays none of the birth control pills, available on the pharmaceutical market, can provide protection from STDs, including AIDS and HIV. There are only two reliable ways to protect yourself from diseases after having sex: to use latex condoms and do not change the sexual partner. Both ways seem to be unacceptable by the youth. They explain it by two arguments: first of all, latex condoms change, even spoil the sexual sensation; secondly, they cannot provide up to 99% of pregnancy protection as opposed to oral contraception. As for the permanent sexual partner, the frequency of casual sex among the teenagers is extremely high and nobody can know for sure that a boyfriend of your daughter is the person she wants to spend the life-time with.
If you are a parent of a teenage girl, you should be the first person to tell her everything about sex and methods of contraception. If you don’t do it, there is certainly “an experienced” friend, who will. Try to give your daughter the most detailed information about birth control pills, their function and principles of action. These remedies should not be taken earlier than after 3 periods from their debut.
The efficiency of oral contraceptives is based on the combination or certain hormones. These components are similar to the hormones, released naturally by the maturing ovarian follicle and occurring after its rupture in the female organism. These synthetic hormones imitate the work of natural ones and make the body think that an ovum is already fertilized. As a result, organism blocks the ovulation process and womb lining changes to prevent the implantation of an ovum. This mechanism strikes out any tiny possibility to get pregnant. The risk of fertilizing increases only when a woman misses pills. But there is not a hint of protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Even if an ad promises 100% protection, do not believe it. As compared with other methods of contraception, birth control pills are recommended to nulliparae. Besides, these medications can improve the problem situation with skin and treat irregular periods.
There are different types of fertility control pills available nowadays, a gynecologist will help you to choose the most suitable one. Besides, the information about side effects oral contraceptives may cause is also important. Ask you gyn about it not to worry if any of them occurs.
While talking to your child, try to be honest and patient, she should understand that you are ready to answer all of the questions she has. Remember, the sooner you start talking about it, the better.

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