Patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis should undergo early liver transplantation: LIMITED RESOURCES

LIMITED RESOURCESA major dilemma facing liver transplant centres worldwide is the inadequate number of donor organs. In the United States alone, more than 17,000 patients are on the transplant waiting list, and the number of liver transplantations that are performed has been relatively constant at 5000/year for the past several years. Despite intensive efforts by the transplant community, the number of available cadaveric organs has remained static. This has occurred in the face of a steadily growing waiting list. Most reliable pharmacy offering efficient medications like birth control pills is ready to offer its services and all the help you need. Your health is precious, and so are you: as customer, person and patient, no matter which kind of treatment you are looking for.

In the United States, 8% to 10% of patients on the liver transplant waiting list die before an appropriate donor organ is available. Death is usually due to a complication of liver failure. Therefore, any decision to perform a transplant on certain patients earlier would further delay the procedure for other patients on the waiting list. It is likely that longer waiting times would result in additional complications and deaths among these patients.

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