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cholesterolLet’s grapple with the one important question. What is cholesterol? It is rather interesting and thought provoking theme.

Cholesterol is a fat resembled substance from which atheromatous plaques are organized. These plaques cause such a disease as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a chronic peripheral artery disease arising because of the lipid and protein metabolism, being accompanied by cholesterol concretion.

It should be mentioned that lack of cholesterol is a good marker. Remember it is very important to take cholesterol on the level recommended separate for men and women. Unfortunately, man’s organism doesn’t gives any signals to a person of a high level of cholesterol. To identify this problem you need to submit to a blood test which lighten out all the details. The ramifications of high cholesterol level can cause insults and heart attacks, which can in its turn result in a fatal case.

What category of people is in a risk zone. Let’s numerate them:

  1. smokers
  2. people with overweight
  3. people with hypertonia
  4. people with cardiac decompensation
  5. people with sedentary lifestyle
  6. men after forty
  7. women in the period of climax
  8. all old people

As you see the majority of population worldwide is in the danger zone in this aspect. What to do to take cholesterol level under control, you have take cholesterol lowering drugs. It is genuine. My Canadian Pharmacy has a list of drugs recommended by well-qualified doctors.

You will understand you can save your money considerably in comparison with ordinary drug stores. My Canadian Pharmacy is a tried and tested team aimed to support the level of healthy people worldwide.

If you do not want to take different preparations you can by essential methods try to solve this problem. You may reduce the fat intake. It will be useful to replace sunflower oil to olive oil, do not eat too may eggs in any shape or form, intake more fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and corns. Maybe the most important step is to care for your body’s weight and take under the norm in ratio “Height – Weight”. The high cholesterol level is not a verdict, it is not a cancer which is not treated especially on the last stages. Everything is in your hands, some simple rules made to be habits will ease your life.

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