Maintenance of Bovine Oocytes: MATERIALS AND METHODS(8)


Matured oocytes were fixed and stained for evaluation of nuclear maturation to metaphase II (MII) stage.

Experiment 2. This experiment was designed to evaluate the viability of oocytes derived from antral follicle culture in culture medium without the use of insert membrane net-well. A total of 52 oocytes were recovered after 24-h follicle culture inside culture medium. A proportion of these oocytes (n = 15) were stained by trypan blue, and the remainder (n = 37) were transferred to maturation medium containing gonadotrophic hormones and okadaic acid. After 24-h maturation, the oocytes were fixed and stained to assess GVBD and development to MII. birth control pills

Experiment 3. The aim of this experiment was to compare the ability of three different methods of oocyte culture to maintain meiotic arrest. A total of 196 oocytes were cultured for 24 h as attached to the follicle wall (n = 73), within follicle hemisections (n = 59), or as intact antral follicles (n = 64). They were then fixed, stained with aceto-orcein, and examined microscopically to assess the organization of chromatin in the GV of arrested oocytes.

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