Maintenance of Bovine Oocytes in Meiotic Arrest and Subsequent Development In Vitro(3)

Development In Vitro(3)

Other studies have attempted to establish physiological methods for the maintenance of meiotic arrest, including addition of follicular fluid to the culture medium and culture of oocytes on monolayers of granulosa or theca cells, within follicle hemisections, or attached to a small part of the follicular wall. An alternative to these methods is to isolate and culture intact antral follicles. levitra super active plus

This would supply a combination of the effects of follicular components to the enclosed oocyte. To date there are no published reports relating to the culture of intact bovine antral follicles. Several studies on ovine follicular steroidogenesis utilized an antral follicle culture system . Here we report a system for the culture of intact, large bovine antral follicles in vitro by modification of the system used by Moor et al. We have evaluated the ability of this system to maintain bovine oocytes in meiotic arrest and the ability of oocytes subsequently released from cultured follicles to resume meiosis, and we have assessed the developmental competence of the resultant embryos up to the blastocyst stage. In addition, the maintenance of mei-otic arrest by antral follicle culture was compared with that for oocytes cultured either in follicle hemisections or attached to a small part of the follicular wall.

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