Intrauterine Infusion of High Doses of Pig Trophoblast: MATERIALS AND METHODS(5)


Examination at Slaughter

The uterus and ovaries were examined after slaughter 15 days after the end of estrus. The number of ovulations was recorded at slaughter by dissection of all CL. The number of ovulations in the previous cycle (during treatment) was evaluated by the number of corpora albicantia.

Statistical Analysis

The progesterone plasma levels of IFN-treated gilts were compared to those of saline-treated gilts using two methods. The General Linear Models procedure of the Statistical Analysis Systems software was used with the repeated-measurement option. A logistic model was fitted to progesterone levels of each animal with the nonlinear functions implemented by Huet et al. as an extension of the statistical system S-PLUS. The model is as follows:

Progesterone = С +(C-BL)/{1 + exp [R(T—Tinf)]}

where С corresponds to the maximum level during the luteal phase, BL is the basal level during estrus, T the time expressed in days, R the progesterone decrease rate, and Tinf the day of mid-decrease of progesterone (that is, the day of the cycle when a 50% reduction of the plasma progesterone occurs). The different parameters Tinf of the two groups were compared by a nonparametric test. Data were summarized as mean ± standard deviation. buy ortho tri-cyclen

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