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Identification of Specific Relaxin: DISCUSSION(2)

Third, in this study, specific relaxin binding was found in human skin and placenta, and synthetic human relaxin was recently reported to demonstrate a biological response in human skin and placental tissue. Establishment of receptor binding requires structural characterization of the relaxin receptor and its subsequent localization using specific relaxin-receptor probes. The remainder of this discussion is grounded on the premise that the relaxin-binding sites identified in this study are relaxin receptors.

The physiological significance of relaxin’s binding to multiple cell types in human tissues is not yet known. An obvious implication is that relaxin has multiple and complex actions on these tissues. The present findings, as well as the similarity of findings in rats and pigs, permit speculation. Buy Advair Diskus Online

Consider first the possible physiological roles of relaxin on epithelial cells, blood vessels, stromal cells (putative fibroblasts), and smooth muscle in the cervix and vagina. Relaxin may have at least two actions on the epithelial cells. Relaxin may enlarge the circumference of the lumen by promoting an increase in epithelial cells as it does in the rat cervix and vagina, unpublished results). Additionally, relaxin may expedite safe delivery by promoting the secretion of mucins into the birth canal.

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