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Identification of Low-Risk Hospitalized Patients With Pneumonia: Statistical Analysis

Resource Utilization—Lengths of Stay
The expected benefit of the guideline as it related to hospital utilization was the projected reduction in hospital bed-days.
Lengths of stay were determined using the midnight census. For each patient who was judged to be at low risk, the hypothetical reduction in the number of hospital days was estimated assuming the guideline had been applied. If the patient was deemed not suitable for discharge by the practice guideline, the reduction in hospital days was not calculated. The number of bed-days saved was defined as the number of actual bed-days less the number of days recommended by the practice guideline.
Severity of Illness
Severity of illness was measured on patients using the methods described by the British Thoracic Society, by investigators at the University of Pittsburgh, and by investigators at the University of Rochester.
Instability Upon Discharge
Each patient’s clinical instability on the fourth hospital day (which was the anticipated day of hospital discharge) was calculated using the total RAND instability upon hospital discharge criteria.
Means are reported with standard deviations. The primary endpoints of the study were the projected impact of early conversion to oral antimicrobial therapy on the third hospital day and discharge on the fourth hospital day on the quality of care and the number of hospital bed-days in detail canadian family pharmacy. The misclassification rate was defined as the number of low-risk patients who suffered complications after the third hospital day. The estimated reduction in length of stay that would have occurred had the guideline been used to discharge patients was calculated. Ninety-five percent confidence intervals were calculated using the software package GB-Stat or True Epistat. Means are reported with standard deviations. Endpoints were tested using a type 1 error of 0.05.

Category: Respiratory Symptoms

Tags: antimicrobial therapy, congestive heart failure, healthcare costs, hospitalization, pneumonia