How to stop an asthma attack without relievers

Asthma attack

It is extremely difficult to imagine people diagnosed with asthma going anywhere without asthma inhalers. If the asthma condition is beyond of control, it is dangerous to leave for somewhere without his relieving inhaler for asthma because nobody can exactly tell where and due to what reason a person can be taken aback by an asthma attack. But frequently it happens, especially amid youth, that an asthmatic goes out without fast-acting asthma inhaler. What should they do in case of sudden asthma attack?
Nobody should underestimate the importance of keeping rescue asthma inhalers at one’s fingertips. It must become a kind of habit to take an inhaler with, wherever a person goes: in school, at work, in pocket or in clutch… The understanding of this necessity can safe life and these words are not insignificant. Let’s look at the process of asthma attack close.
What happens in the body, when a person experiences the aggravation of asthma symptoms? Asthmatic fit occurs when the inflammatory process in the lungs hasn’t been treated properly and swelled and hypersensitive airways get blocked by mucus, increased production of which was provoked by the same improper treatment or its absence. The person feels tightness in the chest and reproduces wheezing sound while breathing. The second case when asthma attack may occur is bronchospasm. The process consists in constriction of bronchi that strains muscles around airways and make the latter narrower. This process results in suffocation and in this case the person needs a dose of fast-acting bronchodilator that will relax these tenseв muscles and let the person breathe.
The necessity to use asthma inhalers to stop an attack can be provoked by wide range of various factors: it may be air pollution, airborne and other irritators like dust, cigarette smoke and animal hair. Remember, even if you think your asthma symptoms are completely under control, do not neglect the importance of asthma drugs and have at least fast-acting asthma inhaler with you.
There are six ways you may relieve an unexpected attack without your rescue medication. First of all, when an attack has begun, sit or stay upright whatever you are up to. Don’t lie down as it may constrict airways more. Second thing recommended to do is taking deep inhales through nose and exhale through mouth. This technique will help you to catch slower rhythm of breathing and avoid hyperventilation. Don’t succumb to panic: it won’t help you to stop a bronchospasm but can make it worse. Asthma attacks are frequently provoked by an allergen of any kind and it would be great if you got rid of this trigger. Avoid cigarette smoke, pets, unpleasant smells and other things that can cause an attack in you. Sometimes it is quite efficient to drink a cup or two of coffee, as beverages with caffeine may relieve the constriction although not so rapid: the effect comes in hour or two. At last, if you don’t feel any relief, seek emergency medical help.
These methods of relieving an asthmatic fit without a rescue medication are expected to be efficient, but none of them can be compared with the effect of fast-acting relieving medication. That’s why we strictly recommend you not to take risks and carry asthma inhalers with bronchodilator with you everywhere or have one nearby. If you managed with an attack without medication, make an appointment to the doctor and describe the attack you had.

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