Hormone-Specific Inhibitory Influence: DISCUSSION(16)

The specific structural changes described in this study, i.e., variations in the length of the Man(al-6)Man branch of Asn56 oligosaccharides, appear to have a greater impact on LH activity than on FSH activity. However, larger oligosaccharides are known to exist on FSH from other species; therefore, those hormones should be investigated inorderto determine how much the results obtained with equine gonadotropins can be generalized. asthma inhalers

For many years eCG (PMSG) has been employed as a substitute for FSH, particularly in vivo, where its long circulatory half-life and the synergistic effects resulting from its dual LH/FSH activities stimulate follicular development. The long circulatory half-life makes it a convenient substitute for FSH, as equivalent stimulation with FSH itself usually requires daily or twice-daily injections. Nevertheless, eCG does not act exactly like FSH at the receptor level, and investigators should employ caution when substituting it for FSH.

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