Hormone-Specific Inhibitory Influence: DISCUSSION(15)


It is likely that the nearly 3-fold reduction in intrinsic FSH activity of eLH in the granulosa cell assay as compared with its FSH receptor-binding activity resulted from eLH adopting the same orientation in the FSH receptor as it did in the LH receptor. This had two consequences, increased steric hindrance on the part of Asn56 oligosaccharide and reduced signal transduction capability, as the FSH receptor was only partially activated. Buy Asthma Inhalers Online

The results reported herein demonstrated that a-subunit glycosylation cannot be ignored when subunit association experiments are performed in vitro. Carbohydrate can influence the biological activity of the resulting hormone in two ways: indirectly, by affecting how much dimer is formed, and directly, by inhibiting binding to the receptor. The general implication from this study is that small structural changes in peripheral monosaccharide components of TV-linked oligosaccharides—the kinds of structural changes likely to occur in response to physiological factors—can produce significant alterations in gonadotropin biological activity.

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