Hormone-Specific Inhibitory Influence: DISCUSSION(14)

We predicted a functional significance for the a-subunit Asn56 oligosaccharide structural differences between eFSH, eLH, and eCG . However, these oligosaccharide variations were not responsible for different FSH signal-transducing abilities of eLH, eFSH, and eCG. Hybrid preparations composed of eFSH(3 combined with either eLHa or eCGa were predicted to have reduced steroidogenic potencies. Instead, these hybrid preparations exhibited the same steroidogenic activity as an eFSHa:eFSH0 preparation because the small FSH receptor-binding differences between these three preparations were obliterated by amplification of the cellular response. buy asthma inhaler

The eFSHa:eLH(3 hybrid preparation that had been predicted to have increased FSH activity was lessactive than preparations of either eLH or eLHa:eLH(3 and significantly lessactive than all of the eFSHp hybrid preparations. Thus, our hypothesis that eFSHa oligosaccharide structures might be involved in the specific activation of FSH receptor was clearly rejected on the basis of these results.

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