Hormone-Specific Inhibitory Influence: DISCUSSION(13)


Since the effects of Asn56 glycosylation influence the LH receptor-binding activities of eLHp and eCGp hybrids to the same degree as they affect their FSH receptor-binding potencies (unpublished results), it is likely that eLH and eCG adopt the same orientation in the FSH receptor that they maintain when occupying the LH receptor. An alternative hypothesis, that a subunit combined with eFSHp adopts a different conformation than it does when associated with eLHp and eCGp, altering the orientation of Asn56 oligosaccharide to reduce steric hindrance, cannot be excluded; however, it will be much more difficult to test. buy asthma inhalers

Both eLH and eCG possess significant intrinsic FSH activity . Since many of the studies of the intrinsic FSH activities of these two hormones were conducted in the rat, it was surprising to discover that granulosa cells obtained from the ovaries of DES-primed immature rats were very unresponsive to eLH and eCG stimulation . Studies involving eLHa:eFSH(i stimulation of rat Sertoli cells suggested that eLHa glycosylation could be responsible for the unexpectedly low activity of eLH in the rat granulosa cell system.

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