Hormone-Specific Inhibitory Influence: DISCUSSION(10)

However, this may occur only in the deglycosylated hormone, as an NMR study by others of the Asn52 oligosaccharide of recombinant hCGa alone and in combination with hCGp indicated no interactions between this oligosaccharide and the peptide moiety of either subunit . The hydrogen bonding observed in the crystal structure of deglycosylated hCG may contribute to its increased stability to thermal denaturation, but it is unlikely to explain the results of our studies. buy ortho tri-cyclen

These involved hormone derivatives differing in the length of the aAsn56 oligosaccharide Man(a l-6)Man antenna and are more likely explained by increased steric hindrance on the part of this carbohydrate structure. The difference in the magnitude of the influence of the Asn56 oligosaccharide Man(al-6)Man branch length, and elimination of this difference in FSH receptor-binding activity between eFSHp hybrids as well as eLH/CGp hybrids, may be related to the proximity of this oligosaccharide to the receptor-binding site in both types of molecules.

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