Gestational Regulation of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor Receptor Expression: DISCUSSION(3)

The mechanisms for the control of G-CSFR expression in placental chorionic villi throughout gestation are unknown. In particular, there is a remarkably sharp drop in levels of G-CSFR protein between 13 and 14 wk gestation, suggesting that G-CSFR expression is strictly regulated. The levels of other cytokines and cytokine receptors in the murine and human uterus are influenced by circulating and exogenous hormones. flovent inhaler

Our RPA and Western blotting analyses of placental tissues from patients subjected to different drug regimes revealed that there was no correlation between the type of drugs received and levels of G-CSFR mRNA and protein. Furthermore, although second-trimester chorionic villi exhibited strict down regulation of G-CSFR expression, independent of drug treatments, interstitial cytotrophoblast in the decidual plate from the same patients continued to express G-CSFR. These data suggest that trophoblast cells are subject to cell type-specific regulation of G-CSFR expression throughout pregnancy and that this is not modulated directly by circulating levels of oxytocin, PGE! analogues, or mifepristone.

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