Gallbladder polyps: PREVALENCE

GallbladderThe prevalence of PLG has been estimated to range from 0.03% to 9.5% of the adult population, depending on the type of study and the population of interest. Many of the large population studies have been performed in Asian populations, often as part of mass screening programs for unrelated conditions. In an ultrasonographic study of 3647 Chinese subjects, gallbladder abnormalities were reported in 701 subjects (19.2%). Specifically, PLG were identified in 243 subjects (6.7%) — a prevalence similar to that of gallstones in this study (7.8%). Further analysis of these data, after excluding subjects who had previously undergone cholecystectomy, those with coexistent gallstones and polyps, and those with unsatisfactory sonographic examinations, revealed an overall frequency of PLG of 6.9%(Table 1). Similar large Japanese studies have reported prevalence rates of 2.6% (4) and 5.6%. Gallbladder polyps were more common among males (6.3%) than females (3.5%, P<0.001). The largest study to date assessing ultrasonography in asymptomatic patients was recently reported by Okamoto et al. Among 194,767 Japanese patients, gallstones were identified in 4.1%, whereas gallbladder polyps were found in 5.6%.

Prevalence figures have also been reported from studies of European populations (Table 1). An ultrasonographic-based study in Denmark reported a prevalence of gallbladder polyps similar to that found in the Asian populations (4.6% of men and 4.3% of women), and a study based in Germany reported a prevalence of 1.5%. Interestingly, a study from India reported a prevalence of only 0.32%. Thus, the incidence of gallbladder polyps seems to vary widely among reports and appears to be related to the population examined, as well as to the study design (Table 1). You can enjoy cheap drugs that work – buy yasmin online to benefit the most from it.

The prevalence of polypoid lesions of the gallbladder in adults





Sample Prevalence


Okamoto et al, 1999 Japanese 194,767 5.6
Segawa et al, 1992 Japanese 21,771 5.6
Moriguchi et al, 1996 Japanese 4343 2.6
Shinchi et al, 1994 Japanese (males only) 2739 5.3
Chen et al, 1997 Chinese 3647 6.9
Heyder et al, 1990 German 14,841 1.5
Jorgensen et al, 1990 Danish 3608 4.8
Collett et al, 1998 New Zealander (diabetics and controls) 1254 6.7
Pandey et al, 1996 Indian 610 0.32
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