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Essential Role of Platelet-Derived: MATERIALS AND METHODS(1)



Pregnant ICR mice were purchased from Japan SLC Inc. (Shizuoka, Japan). The day of appearance of a vaginal plug was designated as Day 0.5 of gestation (0.5 day postcoitum, 0.5 dpc). buy ortho tri-cyclen

Pdgfraph/+ mutant mice with a C57BL/6J background were obtained from the Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, ME; a kind gift from Dr. L.D. Shultz) and maintained in our animal facilities. However, as previously reported, the Pdgfraph/Pdgfraph homozygous embryos with this genetic background cannot survive beyond 10.5 dpc, whereas mutants with other backgrounds, such as CBA/Gr or BALB/c, can survive until the prenatal stage. Hence, to obtain Pdgfraph/Pdgfraph embryos that survive beyond 13.5 dpc, we mated a C57BL/6J-PdgfraPh/+ mutant with a BDF1 mouse (Japan SLC Inc.) and from their Pdgfraph/+ FI progenies generated an outbred colony of Pdgfraph/+ mutants (BD-Pdgfraph/+). For the same purpose, the BALB/c background was also introduced into C57BL/6J-Pdgfraph!+ mutants in the same way (BB-Pdgfraph/+). These outbred Pdgfraph/+ colonies more frequently produce embryos older than 13.5 dpc with a cleft face, a characteristic morphological phenotype of full-grown Pdgfraph/ Pdgfraph embryos. In this study, we obtained 4 embryos with cleft faces from 4 different sets of Pdgfraph/ + parents in our outbred Pdgfraph/+ colonies. Their ages were estimated to be 13.5, 14.5, 15.5, and 17.5 dpc from the morphology of their normal littermates according to the staging procedures of Rafferty and Kaufman.

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