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Essential Role of Platelet-Derived: DISCUSSION(1)


Recently, Bidwell et al. reported the localization of PDGFs and PDGF receptors in mouse extraembryonic tissues examined by immunohistochemistry and ISH, in which they concluded that PDGFRa is expressed in nucleated fetal erythrocytes, labyrinthine trophoblasts, and decidual cells. buy ampicillin

Their finding is partly different from our results of APA5-immunostaining and ISH. First, APA5 did stain decidual cells but did not stain fetal erythrocytes or labyrinthine trophoblasts, and our results of ISH were consistent with APA5 immunostaining. Second, they did not describe the IPY. Although the cause of these discrepancies is not clear, they may reflect the posttranscriptional variations of PDGFRa, because APA5 and the cRNA probes we used for ISH can detect only the extracellular domain of PDGFRa proteins and extracellular domain-coding sequences of Pdgfra mRNAs, respectively, while the antibodies and cRNA probes they used can detect only the cytoplasmic domain of PDGFRa. The possibility of cell-specific expression of PDGFRa variants should be investigated carefully in the future. Here, we concentrate on PDGFRot expression in the derivatives of primitive endoderm.

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