Effects of indapamide versus hydrochlorothiazide: RESULTS(2)


There were no significant abnormalities (ie, results outside the reference range) in hematology or liver enzyme tests at baseline or end of the study on either treatment.

Table 3 presents the results for blood pressure, lipids and lipoproteins after six months on treatment (visit 9), and the change from baseline after one month of placebo run-in (visit 3 to visit 9). SBP was significantly higher at baseline and was reduced significantly more by indapamide, but this difference was not significant after correcting for baseline pressure. Triglyceride levels were increased significantly more by inda-pamide, and this remained significant after adjusting for baseline values; however, there was no significant difference between HCTZ and indapamide with respect to their effects on HDL, LDL or the ratio of TC to HDL, which was the main relationship chosen for the study. The only difference in an intention-to-treat analysis was that the triglyceride results were in the opposite direction (there was no significant difference in triglyceride levels, but after adjustment for baseline, the indapamide patients had a decrease in triglyceride levels by 0.45±0.73 mmol/L, and the HCTZ patients’ triglyceride levels increased by 1.53±0.45 mmol/L; P=0.048). flovent inhaler

TABLE 3 Results after six months of treatment with indapamide or HCTZ and change from baseline after placebo washout (V3) to end of study (V9)

Table2Effects of indapamide versus hydrochlorothiazides
Results are presented as mean ± SD. Comparisons between treatments are by repeated measures ANOVA. *Systolic pressure changes were not significantly different after correction for baseline differences; change in triglyceride remained significant after correction. (Changes shown from visit 3 to visit 6 are the mean of changes by subject, not the difference between group means). apoAI Apolipoprotein AI; apoB Apolipoprotein B; HCTZ Hydrochlorothiazide; HDL High density lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL Low density lipoprotein cholesterol; V3 Visit three; V9 Visit nine

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