Effects of indapamide versus hydrochlorothiazide: EXCLUSION CRITERIA(2)


Study visits were every two weeks for the first month, then once a month for the remaining six months of the study.

A physical examination was performed before the placebo period (initial visit) and repeated at the end of the trial (visit nine). Body weight was measured at each visit.

Blood pressure was measured at each visit with a mercury sphygmomanometer (diastolic blood pressure corresponding to Korotkov phase V), at rest after 10 mins in the supine position on three occasions separated by intervals of 1 min, and after 1 min in the standing position. The measurements were performed throughout the study in each patient by the same investigator on the same equipment and at approximately the same time of the day. (Visits were in the morning because of the requirement for fasting lipids at some visits.) Heart rate was measured at each visit by cardiac auscultation over a period of 1 min. buy levaquin online

Serum cholesterol level and plasma triglyceride level were determined every two months; low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and HDL, apolipoprotein A (apoA), apolipo-protein B (apoB) and apolipoprotein E (apoE) phenotypes were determined at the entry and at the end of the trial (visit nine).

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