Distribution of the «1 to «6 Chains of Type IV Collagen: RESULTS(3)

Type IV Collagen a3, a4, a5, and a6 in Antral Follicles

Although the follicular basal laminae of some antral follicles stained for individual collagen chains (Fig. 3), this was not the case for all follicles; and the intensity of staining was much reduced compared to that of primordial and small preantral follicles. Staining was present in the follicular basal lamina of 15 of 18 follicles examined for a3 staining but was discontinuous along the basal lamina and/ or punctate. The follicular basal laminae of only 14 of 28 follicles examined for a4(IV) staining were positive. ventolin 100 mcg

However, staining for a4(IV) was faintly present intracellularly in cells in the theca interna (Fig. 3g) of all except 2 follicles. Colocalization studies with anti-3p-HSD (Fig. 3h) showed that the cells positive for a4(IV) also stained for 3p-HSD. The follicular basal lamina of 12 of 23 follicles examined stained positively for a5(IV); the remainder had no detectable staining. Of 16 follicles examined, 15 contained no detectable a6(IV) in their follicular basal laminae, and staining was punctate in the follicular basal lamina of the other follicle.
Fig3Distribution of the
FIG. 3. Immunofluorescent localization of individual type IV collagen a chains to antral follicles, and colocalization of type IV collagen a4 with 3^-HSD. In each photograph, the location of the follicular basal lamina is indicated by arrows, the membrana granulosa lies above the basal lamina and the theca below it, and the follicular antrum is uppermost. a-f) Show positive staining for type IV collagen a chains in the follicular basal lamina. a, c, e) Healthy follicles; b, d, f) all are of the same atretic follicle. g) Staining of the theca, using the primary antibodies directed against type IV collagen a4; h) the same section counterstained for 3^-HSD. Arrowheads indicate the vasculature. Bar = 50 ^m.

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