Distribution of the «1 to «6 Chains of Type IV Collagen: MATERIALS AND METHODS(2)



The current study used both rat monoclonal antibodies and mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against individual a chains of type IV collagen. The rat monoclonal antibodies were to each of the type IV collagen a1 to a6 chains, and they were originally raised against synthetic peptides derived from amino acid sequences of the human non-collagenous (NC) 1 domain of each chain. buy flovent inhaler

These antibodies have been screened by ELISA with a synthetic peptide and native NC1 fractions from human, rat, or bovine renal basal laminae and further screened by indirect immunohistochemistry of human kidney. They have also been shown previously to cross-react well with bovine tissue with the exception of the type IV collagen a6 antibody, which was less reactive (unpublished results). The mouse monoclonal antibodies were to the a1, a3, and a5 chains (Wieslab AB, Lund, Sweden). The type IV collagen a 1 and a3 antibodies were raised against purified bovine NC1 domains; they were characterized by immunohistochemistry on human kidney sections and by Western blot analyses and ELISA against denatured and native NC1 hexamers from human and bovine kidney, human placenta, and bovine lens capsule.

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