Distribution of the «1 to «6 Chains of Type IV Collagen: DISCUSSION(4)

Thus there must be continued synthesis and substantial remodeling of the follicular basal lamina. Incorporation of a new segment into the follicular basal lamina would require that this network be broken, and segments of the basal lamina lacking type IV collagen would easily be able to expand by incorporating new components. Follicles that did not contain any of the type IV collagen a chains might be those that are actively growing and require rapid basal lamina expansion, as a basal lamina containing no type IV collagen would be easily remodeled. Basal laminae lacking type IV collagen have been found in a range of tissues during their development and in a basal lamina produced in vitro. buy flovent inhaler

The ovarian cell type that is responsible for producing the components of the follicular basal lamina remains controversial, although there is mounting evidence to suggest that the granulosa cells make a substantial, if not the sole, contribution to its synthesis. In other systems it is predominantly epithelial rather than stromal cells that synthesize basal lamina components, although in some tissues both cell types make a contribution.

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