Distribution of the «1 to «6 Chains of Type IV Collagen: DISCUSSION(2)

Here, we have demonstrated for the first time that the presence of individual type IV collagen a chains in the follicular basal lamina alters with follicular development. This is consistent with studies in other developing tissues. For example, during development of the kidney, collagen a1(IV) and a2(IV) are lost from the glomerular basement membrane, whereas collagen a3(IV), a4(IV), and a5(IV) are accumulated. buy ventolin inhalers

Additionally, studies of the type IV collagen a1 to a 5 chains in murine seminiferous tubules have shown a temporal expression pattern of these chains during tubule development. Similar changes in individual chains of laminin within basal laminae of developing tissues are correlated with functional changes. Therefore it is likely that the changing expression patterns reflect specific functional roles for individual type IV collagen chains. Such functional roles, though, have yet to be determined for any of these chains. Additionally, it remains to be seen which a chains combine to form type IV collagen molecules, how the type IV collagen molecules are combined in the follicular basal lamina, and whether different arrangements of the molecules affect the function of the follicular basal lamina.

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