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Sertraline-associated bruxism: DISCUSSION(4)

Ten days after sertraline was discontinued the signs and symptoms of depression returned. The jaw clenching and teeth grinding were still present, albeit with less frequency and intensity. Fluoxetine 20 mg every morning and ibuprofen 200 mg tid with meals … Continue reading

Sertraline-associated bruxism: DISCUSSION(3)

All four patients described by Ellison and Stanziani as well as our patient were under significant stress and experiencing anxiety when bruxism symptoms occurred. None of the patients had been aware of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Our patient was … Continue reading

Sertraline-associated bruxism: DISCUSSION(2)

A MEDLINE search of English-language medical journals dated from 1992 to 1995 found no case report of bruxism involving SSRIs. However, upon communication with the local psychiatric hospital, four case reports were found. Ellison and Stanziani described four female patients … Continue reading

Sertraline-associated bruxism: DISCUSSION(1)

Bruxism is jaw clenching and teeth grinding that can occur either during sleep alone or during sleep and wakefulness. The incidence in adults ranges from 5% to 96%, and 15% in children. Both sexes are equally affected. In children, the … Continue reading

Sertraline-associated bruxism: CASE PRESENTATION(2)

Depression treatment was initiated with sertraline 50 mg at bedtime. Three days later the patient began to complain of a sudden onset of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. He denied any similar experience before receiving sertraline. Because these symptoms were … Continue reading

Sertraline-associated bruxism: CASE PRESENTATION(1)

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are effective in the treatment of depression. Adverse effects are generally mild and transient, resulting in high patient tolerability. The occurrence of a rare adverse effect, bruxism, shortly after sertraline was initiated in a patient … Continue reading