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The allergy allergyis a feature of organism’s response to the substances caused by allergens at direct contact. There are two types of allergens: exogenous (arriving from environment) and endogenous (formed in an organism). It is possible to distinguish fur of animals, pollen of the blossoming plants and trees, some foodstuff, medicines, dust, cosmetics from the most frequent exogenous allergens and many other things. Endogenous allergens meet much less often, after all they are formed of own proteins of the person subject to damages: it can be a virus, toxins or, for example, burns.

Depending on severity, the allergy can be shown differently: in the form of cold, eczema, skin rash, cough or sneezing. In the most severe cases asthma meets even, Quincke’s disease and the most terrible – anaphylactic shock are observed. Therefore you shouldn’t underestimate an allergy, at the first symptoms it is necessary to address to the doctor.

That in recent years the increase tendency in people suffering from an allergy observed is remarkable. Unfortunately, this phenomenon isn’t studied up to the end as the drugs once and for all relieving of allergy weren’t created still. There is only a large number of the preparations which are temporarily facilitating its consequences. It is recommended strongly to avoid whenever possible contact with allergens though, of course, in certain cases it is almost impossible. Stop your allergy with remedies of My Canadian Pharmacy Online.

The Reasons of Allergy

My Canadian Pharmacy points out the main reasons of allergy. The first is genetic predisposition. If someone from parents throughout life suffered from allergy, there is a great probability that his child will be subject to this illness. It is worth noticing that only possibility of allergy, but not reaction to the same allergen is descended.

Secondly is failures of immune system. They can be caused by frequent diseases of airways, smoking and unhealthy way of life in general.

Third is intestinal microflora violation. After the postponed diseases of digestive tract or after treatment by antibiotics the quantity of the useful bacteria occupying intestines owing to what it becomes more difficult to organism to acquire the substances coming to it considerably decreases.

And, fourthly is the excessive use of the products capable to cause allergic reaction. All is useful moderately therefore you shouldn’t abuse potential allergens.

It is understandable that allergy may be treated of course not easily but it is not a severe disorder. Command our service and find preparation suitable exactly for you.

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