Adenylyl Cyclase Messenger Ribonucleic Acid: DISCUSSION(1)

Results of this study show that late-gestation rat myometrium expresses mRNA for multiple isoforms of ad-enylyl cyclase. Messenger RNA for each of the isoforms (II-IX) was expressed both in fresh uterine muscle and in cultured, immortalized rat myometrial cells, while mRNA for adenylyl cyclase isoform I was not identified. birth control pills

The mRNA for adenylyl cyclase isoforms II-IX identified in fresh late-gestation rat uteri was likely to have originated from muscle cells rather than from neural, vascular, or stromal cells, since we identified an identical pattern of expression in a homogeneous population of cultured myometrial cells derived from the same source. Because of this similarity in the pattern of mRNA expression and because the cultured cell line is composed of only smooth muscle cells, it is likely that smooth muscle cells were the source of the mRNA identified in the fresh uterus. Furthermore, the presence of an identical pattern of expression of the adenylyl cyclase isoforms in the cultured cell line supports the use of these cells for further investigation of hormonal regulation of adenylyl cyclase isoform expression.

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