Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Australian Regenerative Medicine InstituteAustralian Regenerative Medicine Institute was established as a joint project of the state of Victoria and Monash University (Melbourne, the state of Victoria). The purpose of the new venture was to increase the chances of more significant discoveries in the area of regenerative medicine. The institute is based on the existing infrastructure of the university when it comes to biomedical research.

Established in April 2009 at the campus of Monash University, this research center required $153 million of investment to be able to realize the full technological potential. Professor Nadia Rosenthal, who previously worked at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, is the foundation director of the institute. She was among the scientists that discovered the insulin gene, so it comes as no surprise she became the one to oversee the work of the new scientific body.

The institute is in the process of its development at the moment, but the plans are very impressive: in future, it’s expected to become the largest center of stem cell research and regenerative medicine based on it. Scientists working at the institute focus their attention on preventing, minimizing and reversing damage to the vital organs that may be caused by a variety of factors, including genetic diseases, injuries and other ones. Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute can boast state of the art laboratories aimed at making sure baby steps taken by regenerative medicine before can become giant leaps that the entire humankind will be able to benefit from.

Today regenerative medicine is considered the most important area of research for scientists because it can completely change our perception of treating diseases. Becoming a stem cell research and regenerative medicine hub requires a lot of effort and time investment, as well as clear goals set from the very beginning. Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute intends to focus on developing efficient treatment for incurable diseases such as musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, arthritis and diabetes, as well as regenerating damaged tissue and organs by performing stem sell injections or implants.

At the same time, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is an Associate member of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, which makes it possible for researchers to explore career opportunities in Europe and other parts of the world, as well as receive training and share their knowledge with other professionals across the world.

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